The Maharishi Mahesh Yogi lecture entitled Art and the Artist explains the relationship of art and the creator:  “Creation of art is expression of life, and that is why it is fulfilling to life.  It is the expression of oneself.”  Although it easy to call almost anything art, it can be difficult to distinguish something aesthetically pleasing from a piece of art that is truly thought-provoking.  Art is an expression that comes from within, from the true honesty of a man or woman that is able even to be written with blood or feces in a wall his texts as the Sade Marquee did while he was in jail.   In my opinion, honesty is what makes us enjoy and create connections with real works of art.  I do not believe that anyone can scream like Edvard Much, feel Goya’s darkness, or understand Leonardo Da Vinci’s imagination.  

Then how are they able to entangle us into their visions, feelings, and agonies?  Those feelings were not meant to be understood by an ordinary mind, a machine that is enslaved to have a mean to an end.  The creation of the universe would not be able to analyze, but to feel by these sensitive visionaries.  “An artist as a creator, as one who expresses himself, tells the whole story of creation: just as an artist who expresses himself tells the whole story of creation.”


It was impossible to explain the Guernica attacks as Picasso portrayed them in his painting; he was not allowed to understand its consequences because feelings are not related to understanding, but to sense.

The real artist is the one able to transform what does not appear to be art into a meaningful expression of being.  Is a Lillie flower beautiful in a pond?  It may be, but imagine how beautiful it was after Monet observed a swamp within a Parisian garden for days?  He became one with the garden and one with its majestic beauty, and consequently was able to put what the naked eye is unable to see into drawings and paintings.

The deepest ambition of an artist finally gets comes to an end when he dissolves himself in his creation.  “The aspiration of an artist is that his art give inspiration for advancement, success, and encouragement in all the times to come.”  At this moment of an artist’s life his legacy is no more his name in a book.


The artist becomes so mature that he wants to someone to eat from his plate and to share with humanity.  He surpasses the need of being recognized and he becomes a source for future generations to move forward.  The question still pending: Did the artist learn art?

I do not believe so.  He was always art itself expressing through his feelings, which is why our respect and admiration goes beyond our thinking.  


Neither art nor technique are learned skills, but real men and women peeling their skin to show us truth, that one that goes over comprehension, time and even totality.